Agroecology Lab 2023

Developing an R&D field robot A R&D platform based on the Twisted Fields Acorn rover. Using the existing electronics and software stack  which features: CM4 CANBUS compute module carrier BLDC CANBUS steering/ motion drivers RTK integration Python software stack Optional ROS2 extension Proposed BOM for  R&D field robot Project v1.0 – Mechanical weeding between crop Read more about Agroecology Lab 2023[…]

Open hardware electronics

There are a good number of companies and enthusiasts who produce open hardware designs. These notably include Adafruit, Sparkfun, Olimex MLab Zio Plus a variety of individuals on Tindie , OSHWlab or Kitspace Using electronics typically involves connecting an MCU to various sensors, peripherals or actuators. There are a few standards that try to combine these Read more about Open hardware electronics[…]

Open Source Robotic Processing Unit

Inspired by the ‘proper’ Robotic Processing Unit I was curious what a truly ‘Open’ version of that might look like. The CM4 footprint seems to enable modularity so over on the Twisted Fields forum I did a bit of CM4 module research In 2023 the ‘openness’  always going to be imperfect, RISC-V is going to be Read more about Open Source Robotic Processing Unit[…]

Offline communications in 2018

Disclaimer – this is just some notes to help organise my thoughts. It might be of interest to someone, but it’s not a ‘proper’ blog entry. I’m particularly interested in a peer-to-peer mesh as a network for SSB messages: a decent(ralised) secure gossip platform It works, with a sufficient density of Read more about Offline communications in 2018[…]

A good life for all within planetary boundaries #OnePlanet

Humanity faces the challenge of how to achieve a high quality of life for over 7 billion people without destabilizing critical planetary processes. Physical needs such as nutrition, sanitation, access to electricity and the elimination of extreme poverty could likely be met for all people without transgressing planetary boundaries. More   Ecological Footprinting analysis shows Read more about A good life for all within planetary boundaries #OnePlanet[…]

Robotic harvesting for Vertical Aquaponics

Been thinking about what it is that makes robot harvesting difficult. Part of the problem is picking up the cut leaves. By growing vertically that harvesting could be easier, using a relatively cheap robot arm with scissors and a bucket (above from Micropede) You’d need to move the arm around, possibly using Tslot as rails Read more about Robotic harvesting for Vertical Aquaponics[…]

Visual Fish analysis in Aquaponics

Thinking about the ARK and how fish behaviour could be monitored. There already exists a temperature compensating feeder from Aquaponics lab. What would it look like to factor in the fish behaviour into a feeding regime? So if fish were observed using an underwater USB camera & A Pi what analysis could you run? Some useful tools Read more about Visual Fish analysis in Aquaponics[…]