Agroecology Lab 2023

Developing an R&D field robot A R&D platform based on the Twisted Fields Acorn rover. Using the existing electronics and software stack  which features: CM4 CANBUS compute module carrier BLDC CANBUS steering/ motion drivers RTK integration Python software stack Optional ROS2 extension Proposed BOM for  R&D field robot Project v1.0 – Mechanical weeding between crop Read more about Agroecology Lab 2023[…]

Open hardware electronics

There are a good number of companies and enthusiasts who produce open hardware designs. These notably include Adafruit, Sparkfun, Olimex MLab Zio Plus a variety of individuals on Tindie , OSHWlab or Kitspace Using electronics typically involves connecting an MCU to various sensors, peripherals or actuators. There are a few standards that try to combine these Read more about Open hardware electronics[…]

Open Source Robotic Processing Unit

Inspired by the ‘proper’ Robotic Processing Unit I was curious what a truly ‘Open’ version of that might look like. The CM4 footprint seems to enable modularity so over on the Twisted Fields forum I did a bit of CM4 module research In 2023 the ‘openness’  always going to be imperfect, RISC-V is going to be Read more about Open Source Robotic Processing Unit[…]

Xanthoceras Sorbifolium (Yellowhorn)

This deciduous shrub or small tree is slow-growing, but once established it will produce edible, dark green leaves that turn bright yellow in Autumn. It has beautiful, fragrant flowers that are also edible, and seeds that are used for food and cooking oil. The oil is also being evaluated for biodiesel. This ornamental plant is also fairly drought tolerant and Read more about Xanthoceras Sorbifolium (Yellowhorn)[…]

Eco Hacker farm

Sustainable living using appropriate modern technology and permaculture principles. Eco Hacker Farm is an umbrella organisation for people who want to start or are already running ecological/permaculture farms combined with hackerspaces to provide a sustainable living space for people to come and experience a way of life that is not necessarily dependent on the system Read more about Eco Hacker farm[…]

The Open Building institute

The OBI system is open source, collaborative and distributed. Our focus is on low cost and rapidly-built structures that are modular, ecological, and energy efficient. Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.58.11