Agroecology Lab 2023

Developing an R&D field robot A R&D platform based on the Twisted Fields Acorn rover. Using the existing electronics and software stack  which features: CM4 CANBUS compute module carrier BLDC CANBUS steering/ motion drivers RTK integration Python software stack Optional ROS2 extension Proposed BOM for  R&D field robot Project v1.0 – Mechanical weeding between crop Read more about Agroecology Lab 2023[…]

Open hardware electronics

There are a good number of companies and enthusiasts who produce open hardware designs. These notably include Adafruit, Sparkfun, Olimex MLab Zio Plus a variety of individuals on Tindie , OSHWlab or Kitspace Using electronics typically involves connecting an MCU to various sensors, peripherals or actuators. There are a few standards that try to combine these Read more about Open hardware electronics[…]

Open Source Robotic Processing Unit

Inspired by the ‘proper’ Robotic Processing Unit I was curious what a truly ‘Open’ version of that might look like. The CM4 footprint seems to enable modularity so over on the Twisted Fields forum I did a bit of CM4 module research In 2023 the ‘openness’  always going to be imperfect, RISC-V is going to be Read more about Open Source Robotic Processing Unit[…]